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My Passion

As a Human Factors expert

Drawing upon over four years of hands-on experience, I have fostered a genuine passion for crafting intuitive and engaging digital experiences. My expertise lies in eff ectively interpreting complex user requirements and transforming them into innovative design solutions. Profi cient in driving user research, ideation, creating wireframes and rapid prototyping.
I immerse myself in the study of designing, implementing, and evaluating human-computer interaction. My ultimate goal is to create computer systems that seamlessly integrate with human users, making technology more intuitive and accessible to all.




Iowa State University

HCI is the study of how people interact with computers, especially as it relates to technology design. User-centered design, UI, and UX are combined with HCI to provide intuitive technology and products. 

At the core of my work lies an unwavering dedication to creating interactive interfaces that foster seamless and efficient communication between humans and computers by examining user behaviors, preferences, and limitations, I specialize in refining the design and implementation process to ensure optimal usability. 


Industrial Manufacturing and Systems Engineering (IMSE)


- Human Factors

- Human Factors in Automation

- Technology Glovbalization and Culture

- Qualitative Research

- Design Thinking

- Human Computer Interaction Methods

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